Projects Study/History

ModularFAST® Replaces Rotating Biological Contractor (RBC)

ModularFAST® Replaces Rotating Biological Contractor (RBC). Project Location: British Columbia

Type of Facility: 51 lot residential subdivision

Scope of Work:

  • To demolish rotting wooden structure over an RBC treatment system installed into a cast-in-place concrete structure.
  • To remove and dispose of the RBC system due to its inability to meet the effluent requirements in the permit issued by the BC Ministry of Environment.
  • To install a FAST® system.
  • To install a non-corrosive fibreglass roof structure.
  • To provide continuous service without interruption to residents.


Work took 4 weeks to switch flow over to the ModularFAST® and the effluent requirements were met within 1 week from startup.

To avoid explosive proof equipment, the fibreglass roof allowed daylight to act as the lighting and there are no electro-mechanical devices located inside the structure.