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MicroFAST® Models & Regulations MicroFAST® Wastewater Treatment

The fixed activated sludge treatment (FAST®) technology was established in 1946, and is now serving over 50 million people world-wide. MicroFAST® Septic Systems are the scientifically proven, advanced, self-contained wastewater treatment system that replaces the septic tank.

MicroFAST® Septic Systems contain no internal in-sewage moving parts. The systems use only active naturally occurring microorganisms to cleanse the wastewater from family homes, vacation dwellings and projects large and small.

MicroFAST® Wastewater Treatment protects family health, dwellings, property values and fresh water sources. MicroFAST® Septic Systems transform sewage wastewater to be cleaner than natural surface fresh water sources.

Video of MicroFAST installation.See how MicroFAST® is installed for a single home. (0:15)

Video of MicroFAST installation.See how MicroFAST® is installed for miltiple homes. (0:17)

Video showing how MicroFAST works.See how MicroFAST® works. (1:07)

MicroFAST® technology is listed and certified under the LEEDS program.

MicroFAST® Models & Regulations

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