ABC - Phosphorus

Reduce Total Phosphorous entering the environment.In certain site conditions, such as the drain field being too close to a lake, river or stream, the Total Phosphorus entering the waterway from the septic system may have a negative environmental impact. Unconfined aquifers may also be harmed by the entrance of Total Phosphorus into the sub-surface water.

Local regulations may require that additional measures be taken to reduce the Total Phosphorus to specific levels to eliminate or reduce the accumulative effect of the Total Phosphorus. In these situations, The ABC-P can be added after the MicroFAST® unit to further reduce the Total Phosphorus.

The introduction of a carbon source by a metering pump and the ABC-P is used in these situations. The selection of the ABC-P is based on the daily sewage flow from a residence. Facilities that have a higher concentration of Phosphorus will require a site specific design and equipment selection.