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The ASCO2R Process

ASCO2R is a packaged biological wastewater treatment system ideally suited for sewage wastewater flows of 15,000 gals to 2,000,000 gals per day and is complete and ready for operation in accordance with the plans and specifications. The wastewater treatment system is commonly known as the ASCO2R process (activated-sludge with controlled oxygen reactor).

ASCO2R is an activated-sludge-return process commonly used in municipal and package treatment plants around the world combined with the patented maintenance-free oxygen “FlouroProbe’s” unique ability to control the oxygen levels at different ranges within zones in the plant to create the conditions for the best microbial development for natural biological treatment.  ASCO2R™ activated-sludge-return process.

The FlouroProbe Meter and Sensor provides exceedingly accurate DO level readings with no maintenance or re-calibration of the probe required. ASCO2R systems may also consist of tertiary filtration, sludge decanting and handling package, and disinfection package. The result is the capability for the system to:

  • Automatically control the DO level to match the demand created by either low flows, fluctuating flows, peak flows and fluctuating biological loading.
  • Vary the DO levels from zone to zone within the plant for the creation of nitrification and denitrification zones that are established for Total Nitrogen reduction.
  • Minimize bio-solids creation through the automatic ability to match the hydraulic loading and biological loading to the required DO and maintain a continuous treatment level at all times by the proper creation of the correct type of microorganism development.
  • Provide the correct balance of air to biological mass ratio to near-eliminate pin floc creation through maintaining “fat” and healthy microorganisms.

The advantages of the ASCO2R Pre-Engineered Sewage Treatment Plant are:

  • Sludge production is the least produced over that of other technologies.
  • Intermittent or longer term change in biological or hydraulic loadings do not change the effluent quality as the DO is monitored to match the loading rates and achieve full designed treatment.
  • Total Nitrogen reduction capabilities.
  • No chemicals to add as only atmospheric air is introduced into the plant in controlled quantities given the loading rates and detained for a specified period given the effluent design parameters.
  • Near-elimination of pin point floc normally associated with aeration plants.

For detailed information, download the specifications. [54.72kB]