High Strength Sewage Wastewater Specifications

High Strength sewage wastewater is defined typically as having the following characteristics:

  • BOD5 = greater than 350 mg/l
  • TSS = greater than 250 mg/l
  • Fats, Oils & Greases = greater than 35 mg/l
  • pH = greater than 7.1
  • TKN = greater than 40 mg/l
  • Total Phosphorus = greater than 18 mg/l

Pre-Aeration to Reduce High Strength Wastewater down to Residential Strength

Pinnacle uses the Ten State Standard to calculate the amount of air required per kg of BOD5 over a specified period of time to reduce the elevated BOD5 down to residential strength sewage wastewater before further treatment by a typical wastewater treatment system.

Pinnacle uses a patented coarse air diffusion device that does not require a scheduled maintenance or cleaning. The Pinnacle selected coarse air diffuser can be placed into new or existing tanks, empty or full. The Pinnacle selected coarse air diffuser is very beneficial for sewage holding tanks where the sewage is pumped out and hauled to sewage treatment facility.

Pre-Aeration to reduce high strength wastewater down to residential strength.