Big Dipper

Automated, Self-Cleaning Grease Trap Interceptors

Big Dipper® Automated, Self-Cleaning Grease Trap Interceptors.BIG DIPPER® Grease Interceptors automatically remove 99.6% of cooking fats, oils and greases from water before they can even enter the kitchen drain system and deposits them into safe containers for simple rendering and removal away from the premises. BIG DIPPER® Grease Interceptors replace the need for a restaurant grease trap.

Drain fats, oils and greases come from food residue that is rinsed off plates and cookware. The largest generators of grease in a commercial kitchen are the pre-rinse sinks and pot washing stations where bakeware and pans are cleaned. Traditional grease traps are inadequate for controlling and collecting the cooking fats, oils and greases produced in today's commercial kitchen. Grease traps only skim off grease and store it down line from kitchen drains (usually not far from food preparation areas).

Automated and self-cleaning, Big Dippers® deposit all of the collected cooking grease into convenient containers for clean, easy removal. Grease is collected before it turns rancid, allowing it to be easily rendered and even sold for recycling applications. Big Dippers® replace any need for an old-fashioned, unhygienic grease trap and never require manual cleaning or pump-outs.

  • BIG DIPPER® - Quality Construction state-of-the-art materials & stainless steel
  • BIG DIPPER® - Fully Automated self-cleaning, designed to operate continuously
  • BIG DIPPER® - Hygienic, protecting customers, staff and property

When allowed to escape into drains, cooking greases damage pipes, sewer systems, septic tanks, drain fields and bodies of water. Big Dipper® Automatic Grease Interceptors are available in several sizes and models to accommodate every style of restaurant and commercial kitchen. Big Dippers® collect and remove all of the greases, fats and oils from drainwater on a regular basis and deposit them safely in clean portable containers.

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