Advanced Pressure Distribution Using Drip Technology

PERC-RITE® Wastewater Advanced Pressure Distribution Using Drip Technology.Easy to install, the Perc-Rite® System combines computer controlled property irrigation with treated wastewater dispersal. Incorporating a control panel, float switches and time-release, Perc-Rite® is easy to operate, evenly distributes treated wastewater and automatically irrigates properties of all shapes and sizes.

Drip dispersal utilizes time dosed, low volume amounts of water, equally over the entire drain field. Drip dispersal provides the optimum conditions for groundwater recharge to the receiving environment. It is ideal for single family homes, subdivisions, school yards, apartment complexes, parks, commercial and industrial sites.

Time-dosed drip irrigation provides rest times between doses and protects the soil from over-saturation by maintaining an aerobic environment at the tubing interface. Drip is ideal for shallow installations which maximizes the setbacks to any site restrictions (i.e. rock, seasonal water tables, etc). Drip can be used in both warm and cold climates, 365 days of the year. Perc-Rite® is reliable and proven.

The state of the art control panel is activated by level sensing devices located in a dosing tank downstream from the treatment unit. When activated by the rising level of effluent in the dosing tank, the controller will enable the disposal cycle. The system controller, on a timed basis, will pump the effluent through the filter module and then to final drip dispersal.

Root intrusion is managed by the pressure differential created within the emitter that in essence cuts off the tip of the fine root outside of the drip tubing. No chemical is impregnated into the tubing as the chemical deteriorates over time and may cause contamination to the soil.

PERC-RITE® Wastewater Advanced Pressure Distribution Using Drip Technology.

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