BioSTEP® Septic Tank Filtered Effluent Pumping System

Bio-STEP® Septic Tank Filtered Effluent Pumping System. BioSTEP® screened pumping systems are versatile pump packages designed to transfer screened liquids in numerous small-diameter, decentralized collection applications.

Each pre-packaged BioSTEP® combines proven, low-maintenance components with unique, engineered features to create an innovative solution for a wide variety of design needs.

Unique Design Features Offer a step up. BioSTEP® screened pumping systems are designed so that once installed, all normal operation and maintenance can occur without the messy removal of system components.

BioSTEP® screened pump vaults utilize the patented SaniTEE® screening technology to screen and deflect solids rather than collect and hold them like other filtering technologies. When BioSTEP® is being serviced, an external cleaning swab is used to clean the pump vault exterior and flush out the angled slots.


All of this cleaning and maintenance can be easily accomplished without component removal. Additionally, the new ScumGuard™ acts as a shield to protect each BioSTEP® from FOG-laden scum and provides flexible, uniform installation options for most tank, manhole and riser configurations.

How Does It Work?

  • Untreated wastewater enters the primary settling tank.
  • Water from the septic tank’s clear zone flows into the pump chamber and through the angled slots of the BioSTEP® pump vault.
  • The BioSTEP® ScumGuard™ prevents floating scum from clogging internal components.
  • BioSTEP’s® exterior screen protects internal components by deflecting nuisance solids.
  • The external cleaning swab allows for clean-in-place maintenance.
  • The water level sensor triggers BioSTEP’s® internal pump and transfers screened effluent to its designed destination

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