Systems and Services

Pinnacle offers systems and services to meet any sewage wastewater treatment need or requirement:

  • Secondary and tertiary treatment for small and large sewage flow rates.
  • Disinfection and nutrient reduction equipment.
  • Lift stations and pump chambers.
  • Stationary or mobile treatment systems for any range of climate conditions.
Residential Systems

Image of a waterfront home.Single Family Homes, Cottages, Townhomes, Small Subdivisions.

Municipal and Subdivision

Image of an office building.Shopping Malls, Recreational Facilities, Commercial, Cities, Towns & Villages

Mobile Sewage Treatment

Image of a large work camp.Nomadic, Work Camps, Disaster Relief.

Grease Interceptors

Image of a commercial kitchen.Restaurants, Food Preparation, Pubs & Lounges, Hotels.

Storm Water Management

Image of water.Bio-Storm® system clarifies storm water, snow melt and run-off water.

Wastewater Disinfection

Image of a creek.Reducing the fecal coliform and attached harmful bacteria such as E. coli.

Pumps and Controls

Image of pump control panel.Pumps and control systems for moving sewage or effluent.

Drain Field Systems

Image of a drain field system.Even distribution of wastewater effluent for flows from a single family home or large sub-division.

Maintenance Monitoring

Image of laptop near window.Website based maintenance monitoring tracking systems.

High Strength and Flow

Image of a city.Septic systems with daily flow rates greater than 10,000 litres per day.

Nutrient Removal

Image of a green lawn.Reducing Total Nitrogen, Nitrate or Total Phosphorous entering the environment.