High Strength and Flow

In facilities where flow is not constant or regular, a flow equalization system can prevent overloading, eliminating the need to move to an oversized system. Churches, community halls and banquet facilities typically have events only a few days every week. Sub-divisions and large municipal systems often have very high peak loadings for a short period of time during the day. In these conditions, a flow equalization system (a.k.a. surge tank or flow balancing tank) is recommended.

The equalization system spreads peak flow over a longer period of time, preventing the treatment unit from being overloaded or during peak load events. Pinnacle can assist in the selection a flow equalization system that works best for the facility and treatment system being served.

Flow Equalization

Image of a drainage trench.Flow Equalization should be considered for facilities such as churches, community halls and banquet facilities.

Laminar Clarifier

Image of water.Designed to reduce 30mg/l of BOD5 and TSS down to 10 mg/l each, and can be used to replace pressure sand filters before effluent is pumped to the drain field.


Image of a waterfall.Pre-Aeration to reduce high strength wastewater down to residential strength.