Drain Field Systems

In conditions where a low pressure system is required to for distribution of wastewater effluent, PERC-RITE® offers the proven technology of drip dispersal. The PERC-RITE® design is low maintenance and assures even distribution of wastewater effluent for flows from a single family home or large sub-division.

PERC-RITE® is a computer managed, drip irrigation, wastewater disposal system. Computer management allows extremely accurate flow control and operator friendliness. The drip dispersal system by PERC-RITE® also offers lawn, tree and flower garden subsurface irrigation.


Image of bio-step system.Designed to transfer screened liquids in numerous small-diameter, decentralized collection applications.


Image of perc-rite system.Combining computer controlled property irrigation with treated wastewater dispersal.

Drain Field Systems