Municipal and Subdivision

Pinnacle Environmental Technologies Inc. provides the latest technologies in pre-engineered Wastewater Treatment System Packages for Municipal, Subdivision Development & Industrial applications. Our 21st century technologies have had over 60 years of success in treating municipal sewage wastewater and meeting the needs of growing and expanding municipalities. Major cities around the world use the FAST® technology.

We offer High Efficiency and Low Energy Demand sewage lift stations. Whether it replaces an older system or services new developments, a 21st Century sewage lift station saves municipalities thousands of dollars annually.


Image of an ASCO2R system.ASCO2R™ is an activated-sludge-return process commonly used in municipal and package treatment plants around the world.


Image of New Hampshire hotel.Enviro-Septic® may be used in large flows greater than 9,100 litres per day providing that the land area is available.


Diagram of a ModularFAST® system.FAST® Septic Systems that grow with the project, preserving resources & capital until needed.


Image of a university.Available in 3 sizes to manage Daily Sewage Flow = 151,416 Litres (40,000 us gals) (33,310 imp gals) through 454,560 Litres (160,000 us gals) (133,240 imp gals).

Projects Study/History

Image of a project.View successful real-world applications of this technology.

Sewage Lift Stations

Image of a lift station.High efficiency and low energy demand sewage lift stations.


Diagram of Titan MBR.TITAN MBR™ is the complete MBR package — developed by Smith & Loveless Inc., the company with 60 years of wastewater engineering and manufacturing experience.