Grease Interceptor & Trap Systems

Are you looking for a grease interceptor in Canada? Fats, oils and greases from restaurants, pubs, lounges, resorts, lodges and club houses are best managed at the source: before entering either the city sewer system or an onsite wastewater treatment system. Luckily, Pinnacle Environmental Technologies has a variety of different grease interceptors in Canada that may be ideal for you.

Passive and automated grease interceptor systems are available to meet a wide range of needs and applications. These systems save money by eliminating surcharges and penalties from local authorities. Grease interceptors also extend the life of an onsite sewage treatment septic system.

Big Dipper

Diagram of Big Dipper.Automated, Self-Cleaning Grease Trap Interceptors.


Diagram of FOGHOG.Proven grease removal process retains more than 95% of all floatable substances.


Diagram of Trapzilla.Collects free-floating (non-emulsified) grease & oils in kitchen drain water flows.

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Grease Interceptors