Residential Systems

Residential onsite sewage wastewater treatment systems are ideal for single family homes, cottages, cabins, townhouses, small businesses, small subdivisions and in-law suites. Typical daily flow rates for these systems - as determined by regulation - are under 10,000 litres (2,200 imp gals) per day. Larger flows are outlined under the Municipal and Subdivision section of this website.

If your existing sewage drain field is failing, we can recover it using the RetroFAST® Aerated Effluent Filter. We also provide excellent preventative maintenance with innovative and proven technologies that have been independently tested to bring new life into older drain fields; often using the existing septic tank.

Local regulations differ from province to province - contact the Pinnacle representative in your area for more information.


Diagram of BioBarrier® system.BioBarrier® is ideally suited for water reuse applications.


Image of Enviro-septic® installation.Enviro-Septic® may be used in flows greater than 9,100 litres per day.

Leach Field Recovery

Diagram of leach field.Recover a leach field that has failed due to a clogged biomat.


Diagram of MicroFAST® system.MicroFAST® is available in various models to meet any regulation or code.

Projects Study/History

Image of system installation.View successful real-world applications of this technology.