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Article Excerpt from 'Holmes-Make it Right Magazine'19 August 2011

By Jefferson Kolle. Published in Holmes-Make it Right Magazine (August 2011)

Ready to shop for a new septic system? Consider an advanced treatment unit, or ATU. These systems are smaller, more efficient and environmentally friendly than traditional tanks.

the-new-septic-articleThe technology they use comes from municipal water treatment plants that process large amounts of sewage on a limited amount of land. Residential developers were the first to jump on this technology since it means giving up less land to a leach field and leaving more to build on. Now the technology has trickled down to become available to any home owner.

ATUs use an electric, above-ground air blower to pump air into the septic tank, which dissolves oxygen into the raw sewage, a step that vastly speeds up the treatment process. The small systems uses electricity, but according to John Martin, manager of Pinnacle Environmental Technologies, a Canadian distributor of ATUs, an aerobic system uses only about 50 cents to a dollar’s worth of power each day.

Worth the Added Cost?

The advantages of an ATU should outweigh the costs for many, especially where space is an issue; the attendant leach fields for these systems can be up to 60 percent smaller.

Also the fact that effluent leaving the septic tank is much cleaner with fewer milligrams of solids per liter, means that many inspectors will allow you to place these systems closer to lakes and other environmentally-sensitive areas.

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