Find a Maintenance Provider in British Columbia

Maintenance Providers listed below are authorized by Pinnacle to service and maintain MicroFAST® treatment system components of trash collection chamber, treatment chamber, air blower and air blower control panel, and, are authorized to service and maintain Enviro-Septic® system components of pre-tank, dosing package if any, distribution box and the Enviro-Septic® pipes. All other service or maintenance of other arts or components of the sewerage system are NOT part of Pinnacle's Authorization to maintain.

In British Columbia maintenance of a sewerage system is to be conducted by a Registered Onsite Wastewater Practitioner (ROWP). The below listed maintenance providers are ROWP and may conduct maintenance on the full sewerage system. An ROWP maintaining the complete sewerage system and is not listed below may conduct maintenance on the MicroFAST® or Enviro-Septic® system once they are authorized by Pinnacle to do so.

Please call us at 866-514-7555 or 604-514-7555 to find an authorized provider in your area.

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